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Trail Mix for a Healthier Life -- Your Mix . . . Your Way!

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A business is only as good as its satisfied customers!

We are a business working hard to provide excellent products like you want them, FRESH.

If you found your experience here brightened your day we would appreciate hearing from you. Just go to our Contact Us page and send us your comments.


Below are just a few comments from our many satisfied customers:

Mark S. of Griffin, GA

I love your products!! I hope you are around for a long time. I love nuts, many different kinds, but I can't stand almonds. But every mixed nuts combo in the stores, every single one, has almonds. I'm forced to pick through nuts and then occasionally bite into an almond which ruins the experience. Then I discovered your site. I just got my 6th bag, and they are all perfect. They ship ridiculously fast, have the perfect amount of salt, and I can get them with NO ALMONDS!

Colton D. of Denver, Colorado

Trail mix is one thing but your custom trail mix site was a blast and the taste is dynamite! We'll be back soon!

Avis R. of Pennsylvania

The mixes were wonderful and VERY fresh. You have a new customer.

Angie R. of San Diego, CA

Less than 24 hours from receipt and the entire bag is gone. Danger. Love those strawberries!

Cola H. of Valrico, FL said

#1 Fan!!! Love Nutty Idea :)

Sheril W. of Kingsport, TN

Got my strawberries yesterday. They are WONDERFUL!!

Robert W. of Greenville, SC

I am a huge fan of Nutty Idea! I just got my first order and they are the BOMB!!! So fresh and so good...I know you will love to hear this...I have had my order about 2 hours and they are about half gone!

Sgt Dan T. from Florida

I just got my mix in the mail today, this stuff is great!

Stonewall of Northeast Florida

I just got my mix in the mail today, this stuff is great! . . . . . . . . Since I'm not hiking trails and hugging trees these days, I figured the perfect use for my mix. On my way to the gym sometimes I grab a quick snack, but everything is either too much or too little. A handful or two of my mix is PERFECT. My son loves my mix too. I think I'll change it around and double up on bananachips and honey oat clusters next time. Good stuff. Glad I found it!

Holly H. of Evansville, IN writes:

Just got our order today! We devoured our bags! The girls are getting ready to eat our Christmas gifts!! Haha!! . . . . Thanks! our family is officially nutty over NUTTY IDEA!!

Tamara B. of Jacksonville, FL

My husband, Dennis, was estatic when I showed him your website! He is really into eating healthy and he loves trail mix....the only problem is, he hates raisins and if you look in the store for pre-packaged trail mix, they all have I have been buying everything individually and that gets expensive....your prices are VERY reasonable for the amount! So, you have a customer here!

Daniel K. of Wichita, KS

My family and I love trail mixes so when I found I had to give you a try. The dried fruit is delicious and the nuts and seeds are so much more than I expected. I am a true fan of your site and am placing my next order right now. The neat part was sitting around the computer and each of us designing our own personal mix; that was fun!

Barbara S. of West Roxbury, MA writes:

I just have to tell you how very much I like your company. I have some nut allergies and most of the trail mixes sold commercially have walnuts (which is what I am most allergic to). When I found your web site I was so excited. The quality is awesome and I get to put in whatever I want . I find it easy and economical. Thanks so much, Barbara.

Jake B. of Dayton, OH writes:

All I can say is wow! Your site was very user friendly, the products are delicious and the customized concept is so cool! I have already begun to turn my friends and family on to your site. Can't wait for you to open a store near me . . . I am a true Nutty Idea loyalist.

Robert G. of Melbourne, FL

My wife loves cashews and cranberries---Try to find that mix in ANY store! But a 1 lb. tin is in route to my door right now. Great idea and love the site, easy to use and understand.

Angel B. of Woodstock, GA writes:

Wow the trail mix I did was delicious and so fresh . . . Now if I can just get my coworkers to leave them alone . . .

Wanda H. of Greeley, CO writes:

Had to let you know just how impressed I was with the freshness of my custom trail mix. The dried fruit in the mix was absolutely delicious . . . My girlfriends and I are putting together our next order this week . . . I was also surprised at how inexpensive it was to ship to my home

Donny S. of Seattle, WA writes:

Just wanted you to know that I threw a party and the nut mixes and party platters from you were the first to be gone out of all the food on the counter . . . Guess I will need to order more for my next bash . . . Thanks!

Matt B. of Clearwater, FL writes:

Had to leave you a comment about how your company has gained a customer. Your products taste great, and giving me the ability to pick which items I want in my own personal trail mix was brilliant. Thanks for the concept I love it!

Jason W. of Dallas, TX writes:

We just opened our first custom trail mix from Nutty Idea this weekend. My boys and I were out at a baseball tournament and needed a pick me up. The trail mix hit the spot . . . and we also won! Not that the mix was the reason but it sure did not hurt. Thanks for the quality nuts and dried fruit it is a real hit in our family. Now my boys want to create their own personal mixes. So we will be back real soon!

Sydney G. of Salt Lake City, UT writes:

So glad I found your nuts and dried fruit are delicious. I love the ability to create my own custom trail mix. Love it!


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